Reverse Lunge with Front Squat Grip

November 19, 2009

in Strength Training

The reverse lunge with front squat grip is an absolutely killer leg exercise that will also test your anterior core strength. The first time I did this, the next day I felt like I had just gone through a 30 minute ab routine.

Everything about this exercise is tough. First off, you need a barbell. It’s best to do it in a squat rack, but if your gym has barbells of predetermined weights, you could use them also as long as you can rack the weight on your shoulders. I’m just going to assume you have a squat rack.

Unrack the bar and rack it on your shoulders. If you are unfamiliar with the front squat rack position, it means that the bar is resting on the front of your shoulders. The bar should be in resting in your fingers, not your palms, this allows you to raise your elbows in front of you. It should feel like the bar is going to choke you. It’s uncomfortable, but unless you want the bar falling to the ground as you do the exercise, it’s necessary.

Once you are standing with the bar racked on your shoulders, perform a reverse lunge-stepping back on one leg and then returning to the starting position. Finish all reps on one leg and then switch. You may have to pause in between legs if the bar is getting uncomfortable. Many times people’s wrists will hurt in the rack position due to a lack of wrist and forearm flexibility. It gets better over time.

Besides being a great leg exercise, you’ll feel your anterior core working like crazy in order to prevent your body from bending forward. Keep perfect posture. Think of having a tall spine. Having the bar in front of you on your shoulders is completely different experience than having the bar on your back like in a traditional squat, so be prepared.

This can be a main leg exercise so go for 3 sets of about 8-10 reps with appreciable weights.

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